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PAMPER YOURSELF Gift Hamper for Women's Day

PAMPER YOURSELF Gift Hamper for Women's Day

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Discover the perfect blend of elegance and eco-consciousness with our curated “PAMPER YOURSELF” gift hamper. Crafted by Fermoscapes, SAT.SUMA & Papaya, this collection celebrates the remarkable women who inspire us every day.

Inside the “PAMPER YOURSELF” Hamper:

  1. Papaya Menstrual Pads:
    • All-natural entirely plastic-free construction means it’s good for your skin and good for the environment
    • Fragrance-free! Their anti-microbial core layer prevents bacterial growth and keeps you naturally odour-free and rash-free
    • Super-soft breathable top sheet eliminates any plasticky feel – say good-bye to skin rashes
    • Both top and bottom sheets are breathable, keeping you dry!
    • Wings help secure the pad in place – you will forget you’re even wearing a pad!
    • Absorbency: Medium flow
  2. Fermoscapes’ Kauna Grass Small Hamper Basket:
    • Handwoven from kauna grass by skilled artisans.
    • Versatile and eye-catching design—ideal for bath accessories, books, or home decor.
    • Adds style while keeping your essentials organized.
  3. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush:
    • Made from sustainable bamboo with charcoal-activated soft bristles.
    • Gentle on teeth and gums, and 100% plastic-free.
    • A small step toward a greener world.
  4. Neem Wood Handle Comb:
    • Handcrafted from pure neem wood, known for its antibacterial properties.
    • Fine-toothed and non-static, suitable for styling.
    • A natural and eco-friendly addition to your grooming routine.
  5. SAT.SUMA Everyday Essentials Gift Set:
    • A delightful trio of cold-process soaps crafted mindfully from natural ingredients.
    • Free from phthalates, sulfates, and parabens.
    • Perfect for daily self-care routines.

Let’s celebrate the power of women, conscious choices, and a greener world. Share the “PAMPER YOURSELF” hamper with the women who uplift and inspire you.

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