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Fermoscapes Team


We are an Indian company that combines the pursuit of profit with the spreading of kindness, with the aim of benefiting all the artisans and stakeholders. We believe the artisans as the backbone of this company and we as a team has a primary goal to give direction and serve them.



Fermoscapes founder“We aim to create a space where sustainable creations would not only be celebrated but would also find their rightful place in homes across the world. With our  mindfully created products, we aim to promote realistically sustainable and conscious lifestyles amongst everyone in the long run.”  - Ranjan, Founder




By prioritizing ethical business practices, we contribute to breaking the cycle of exploitation that has plagued the artisanal sector for far too long. Our aim is to uplift artisans, providing them with a sense of dignity and security in their work.  We engage with them on a personal level, understanding their unique skills, cultural heritage, and aspirations. We provide them with a stable platform to showcase their craft, ensuring their talents are recognized and celebrated.” - Ranjan says.  



“I joined in on the journey in the pursuit of sustainable living and leading a lifestyle congruent to my own value. Together, we envisioned a brand that would stand as a testament to the possibility of a greener, more ethical future. We believed in the power of design to inspire, to evoke emotions, and to tell stories.” - says Kanika, Creative Director



 The joy that fills my heart is immeasurable as I witness the impact we have made so far. From the smiles on the faces of artisans who now have sustainable livelihoods to the gratitude expressed by customers who choose to support ethical and eco-friendly alternatives, our brand has become a vessel for change.” - She adds.